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Where to Get the Best Grass Fed Beef

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There is a good reason people will go for grass-fed beef over grain fed beef. The feedlots, where grain-fed cows are kept, are beyond inhumane. Apart from the use of hormones and antibiotics to fatten them up, these cows are subjected to the worst living conditions. It is no wonder their meat is of a lower quality and riddled with some serious health threats against human beings. Grass fed cows live as nature intended, grazing out in the open fields. The meat they produce is healthier and tastier than grain fed products. There are even more benefits for choosing grass-fed beef. Check it out in this article.

You will get minimal fat and calories from grass-fed beef. This greatly affects your health positively. When you eat beef, you expect you will be consuming mostly proteins. This is not the case with grain fed beef. In most instances, there is the introduction of candy to help in the fattening process of those cows. Those on a diet will find that to be a mistake.

You also get beef that has no antibiotics or hormones. You should not ever risk taking meat which has antibiotics the cow took. You will find that the hormones in the meat will cause children to experience puberty much earlier than normal.

You will also get some of that healthy fat from the grass-fed beef. It has almost two to three times more omega-3 fatty acids than grain fed beef. This shall help you keep heart disease at bay much better. You shall then enjoy the fat Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) from it. CLA has the ability to help you deal with cancer.

You will also get more vitamins and minerals from this type of beef. Grass fed beef has a high micronutrient profile. It, therefore, is a good source of the B vitamins, Vitamin D, as well as iron. You can also see a higher concentration of carotenoids in this beef. Visit for more information about grass fed beef.

You will also find that their product has a more considerate impact on the environment. When you raise cows in pasture, you will use up less fuel as opposed to doing so in feedlots. You will also get the necessary manure from these cows to keep the grazing lands healthy. There shall thus be a balanced and sustainable trade-off with the environment. There is also the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are not contributing to the suffering of any animals out there, or the risking of people’s health.

These are enough reason for you to decide to do better where your beef eating needs are concerned. There is so much you will gain from grass-fed beef. This healthier and tastier option should be on your menu next time you are serving beef. To know more about grass fed beef click the following link: